Last updated: 14th January 2005.

Who writes FREAX?
My name is Tamas Polgar, aka. Tomcat of Madwizards. I am active on the PC, and had a C-64 for years - and I still have it. I was working as a journalist for a long time, and I was writing articles to various disk magazines for years.

When will the book be released?
Volume 1. of the book is already out and available. Volume 2. is planned for Spring 2006.

Who is the publisher?
Freax had been published by CSW Verlag, also publishing GO!64 Magazine.

How much does the book cost?
The retail price is 24.90 Euros in Germany. It might slightly change in other countries, depending on the reseller.

What sources are you working from?
It would be impossible to list them all, but mainly paper- and diskmagazines, websites, words of mouth from old sceners and so on. Every piece of information I receive is inspected and confirmed before written into the manuscript.

Did you gather information from ex-sceners, people who are in no way in contact with the current scene?
Of course. Without this my research would be meaningless. There are also interviews with very old scene legends.

Which computers are you writing about?
The three main parts are the Commodore 64, the Amiga and the PC. Besides, there are more chapters about the Atari, the Sinclair line, the game consoles, the Apple Macintosh, the Acorn, and another chapter about the "misunderstood computers", models having a small demoscene, but had been generally ignored in their time, despite of their abilities. These are the Commodore Plus/4, the Enterprise and so on.

What language is it written?
As my mothertongue is Hungarian, the manuscript was written in Hungarian. It was translated to English and spellchecked by Dan Wright, the editor of the Mindcandy DVD and manager of Fusecon.

Will there be versions in other languages?
Yes, probably there will be a German version. There's no plans for other languages, however, we're open for anything.

Will there be an electronic version, like an eBook?
No, there won't be any electronic version. I doubt any current file format will be readable in 10-20 years anyway.

Can I help your efforts?
If you wish to see a version on your language, you're hereby entitled to find a publisher in your country and translate the book. There's nothing else you could help at the moment, thanks.

How big this book is?
It is planned to be a big, thick book, full color and very high quality. The two volumes together will be around 500 pages, and Volume 3., the art album will be at least 300 more.

Does FREAX cover the warez scene, or just the demoscene?
As the demoscene emerged from the warez scene, naturally the warez scene is also in the story, especially on the Commodore 64. It's just as deeply inspected as the demoscene.

Will you cooperate with the MindCandy project?
Most likely there will be a bundle edition.