Preserving demoscene art is a common movement these days. DVDs are released with old demos in video format. CDs are compiled of old module musics. How come never anyone collected pixel art in printed format? We did, so the best screen paintings can be preserved for the future.


Freax Art Album, the lovely companion to the Big Demoscene History Book is now available at our resellers. It is a nice 286 page collection of demoscene graphics, in full color - that makes about 1600 pieces of demoscene art! The Album contains:

- Commodore 64 graphics
- Amiga OCS and AGA graphics
- ZX Spectrum graphics
- Atari ST and Falcon graphics
- Amstrad CPC graphics
- PC ANSI and ASCII graphics
- PC 8-bit oldschool graphics
- PC 24-bit newschool graphics
- Raytraced pictures
- Handdrawn Commodore 64 disk covers
- The infamous 'Cracker Comics' from the '80s by Hobbit of Fairlight.

If your work is included in the book, you're entitled for a free copy. In this case, please place an order on CSW Verlag Shop, and tell us who you are. The artists featured in Freax Art Album are:

Adam, Aef, Agemixer, Alg, Da Medron, Alurion, Am, AMN, Apacz, Asta, Atte, Bleeze, Booze Lee, Calamity, Cane, Carrion, Choke, Clone, Cronos, Cruise, Crusader, Cybortech, Cyclone B, Cyclone, Dane, Debris, Deekay, Deev, Dokk, Duce, Electric, Felidae, Gerync, Gollum, Hardsequencer, Hogan, Hoogo, Jailbird, Joe, Katon, Leon, Levi, Mermaid, Mike, Ollie, Oszi, Oxidy, Poison, PVT, Questor, Raze, Reekol, Risko, Sander, Sarge, Sebaloz, Sentinel, Shaman, Sliver, Stone, Tempest, Twoflower, Tyrant, V.O., Valsary, Visualice, Wile'E'Coyote, Zealot, Zinc Bells

Hobbit (Alain), Duce, Electric, Flimbolino, FX, Junkie, Mermaid, Serio, Tommy, Ast, Astaroth, Cactus, Potek

Absurd, Ace, Acid, Acryl, Alex, Angeldawn, Antony, Archmage, Aro, As, Barock, Bay Tremore, Bcr, Beast, Blizzart, Boost, Bridgeclaw, Calladin, Cash, Cat, Cheetah, Chevron, Chrome, Cia, Claw, Cobra, Color, Contrast, Cougar, Cyclone, D-Mage, D-Sign, Danny, Danube, Dark, Dean, Deckard, Decker, Deen, Der Piipo, Desoto, Destop, Devil, Devilstar, Dize, Dr. Zulu, Dzordan, Electric, Electron, Eloy, Eswat, Facet, Fade One, Fairfax, Fame, Fashion, Fiver, Flan, Flow, Fob, Fred, Geist, Germ, Gelmir, Gfx Twins, Globe, Grandma, Grass (HU), Grid, Havok, Hein, Hemo, Hennessy, Hof, Hotshot, Hq, Illuvatar, Iridon, Ironman, J.O.E., Jaco, Jamon, Jason, JCS, Jdark, Jibe, JMS, Joachim, Jogi, JS, Judas, Kazik, Kro, Kyle, Lazur, Louie, Lowlife, Mack, Madd, Made, Manovar, Manta, Marlon, Mazor, Mermaid, Minion, Mistral, Mixie, Motion, Moxica, Mrk, Muffler, Mustafa, Mystik, Nde, Necro Fuel, Nelson, Nero, Neuromancer, Nighty, Nirvana, Noogman, Norm, Nose, Nyitrik, Odin Optic, Orhan, Ox, Pad, Pain, Pal, Pal Syversten, Peachy, PGCS, Phase, Photos, Pix, Pixie, Pris, Prowler, Ra, Rack, Ramjet, Rank, Razorback, Rendall, Reward, Rhah, Rochet, Rodney, Rork, RWO, Ryga, Sauer, Sauron, Scuba, Seq, Sky, Slaine, Slash, Slayer, Souri, Spark, Spiv, Spline, Sumaleth, Suny, Teevaan, Tenshu, Thomas, Titan, TMB, TMK, Tof, Tony, Toxic, Trajan, Typhoon, Unreal (HU), Visual, Wade, Walt, Warlock, Wide, Zaac, Zaltor, Zone, Zoom, Zorlac

3D Addict, A2reason, Acet1, Acidbeat, Acryl, AK, Alex, Alexx, Alias, Ananke, Ankh, Antony, Atom, Axxel, Bamboos, Bat, Bay Tremore, BenJ, Berzerker, Bg, Blackhand, Bonyfacy, Bridgeclaw, Cer, Chavito, Clifford M., Contrast, Critikill, Croaker, Cyclone, Damaq, Dan, Dani, Danube, Danny, Darx, Das, Dax, DeCoder, Def, Der Punkt, Dfekt, Diodak, Dob, Dr. Zulu, Eetu, Electric, Ellyn, Enok, Erik Lorange Meye, Facet, Fame, Farfar, Fashion, Fat, Fireball, Flow, Gelmir, Grass (HU), Grass (PL), Green7, Haplo, Heetach, Helge, Hellfire, Ilari Lehtinen, Immortal Rat, Inferno, Isobel, J.O.E., Jamon, Janne, Java, JCS, John Peeba, Kal, Kazik, Kenet, Kirk, Kornichon, Kowtoe, Krafton, Kustaa, Kvazar, Lance, Lazur, Lazut, Lester, Leunam, Liquid, Loco, Louie, Lucky, Luftslot, Lynx Vulgaris, Made, Mado, Magicboy, Malfunction, Mantra, Marius, Marvel, Marzu, Marzu, Maxon, Maxwell, Mazor, McLad, Mdub, Miko, Mime, Moxica, Myrel, Narn, Nazgul, Nek, Neurodroid, Neuromancer, Neutron, Nik, Noize, Noogman, Norm, Nyitrik, Off, Oozie, Optic, Orome, Pagan, Partikle, Pazur, Peachy, Peter Levius, Petr, Pixel, Pl, Ra, Ragman, Rainfall, Ray Nos, Razorback, Reko, Reload, Ron, Rork, Runi, Sacri, Saffron, Scape, Shar, Sheinar, Shock, Slizgi, Splif, Stasis, Statique, Stefan Hoffmann, Suurland, Sylon, Sythetic Brush, Tenshu, Terror, Timex, TMK, Tobias, Tomic, Tomcat, Traitor, Traven, True, Ultimo, Unison, Ural, Virago, Visualice, Vole, Wad, Wade, Ward, Warpig, Weedlog, Wolf, X-man, Xenusion, Xtro, Zaac, Zebig, Znorc, Zone, Zoom, Zthee

Beb, Bouba, Made, Rsx

Agent T, Circee, Dhole, Edo, Exo 7, Graf, Havoc, Jovis, Krazy Rex, Mic, Modmate, Mon, Niko, Pixel Killer, Silicone, Spaz, Spiral, ST Survivor, Tanis, Valais, Wilfried

ZX Spectrum:
Ace, Art, Barkov, Berg, Blacker, Critikill, CVM, Dap, Deadie, Dimidrol, Diver, Prof, Dsa, Exocet, Fil, G.D., Gas 13, Kamikaze, Kasik, Klown, Lopez, Mixer, Monarch, Newart, Paracels, Pheel, Raynoa, Rion, Santly, Spencer Winsent, STS, Survivor, Tteeray, Trix, Vistor, ZSV

The Freax Art Album is not the long awaited Volume 2. yet. It is still being composed, and will be released in 2007.

Perceptive people can notice that despite the above list is long, still not all scene artists are covered. After Volume 2. we might release a second Art Album to make it up. But that's not a real plan yet.


Yes, the biggest book ever written about the history of the computer demoscene is completed and available from our resellers right now! The 224 page book contains the complete history of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, both the machines and the underground subcultures around them, from the cracker-warez scene to the demoscene, from hacking and phreaking to the ASCII art scene. Illustrated with 483 color photos and screenshots, this is the comprehensive guide to the once glorious world of these old computers, probably bringing up a couple of memories from your teen or childhood years. Interviews with scene celebrities, former key persons of the computer industry, citations from contemporary magazines and fanzines make the the narrative history of the big adventure complete. What was behind the scenes is now revealed.

Take a glance of the book. Click the thumbnails to see some pages, or read the sample chapter.


FREAX is available from 1st August from the following online stores:

CSW Verlag webshop
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Maz Sound
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Tomcat's t-shirt shop
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More resellers are coming up soon... maybe you? (Interested? Contact CSW-Verlag and apply.)

FREAX Volume 2. is planned to be released in Spring 2006. It will contain the history of the PC scene, along with the Atari, the Macintosh, the Sinclair Spectrum, the Oric, the Thomson and many more.